Who’s Who of the FRCA Board

Dale Snyder

How long have you been a board member with the FRCA?  What prompted you to want to join the board?

I have been a board member since November of 2014. I am the community service representative for UAW local 659 at General Motors Flint Tool & Die. Our plant is very active in supporting the community around us and this was a perfect fit for me. Being an active outdoorsman and a big advocate of Flint River, along with any other river that I can get my kayak in for that matter, I jumped at the opportunity to be involved.

What organization do you represent on the FRCA board and what is your job there?

UAW local 659 at General Motors Flint Tool & Die

What is your favorite program or project the FRCA has been involved with or is currently helping out with in Flint? 

There are quite a few projects that are going on right now, but if I had to narrow it down it would have to be the annual Flotilla. It is a great time to be able to get so many people together to experience the fun the river can give you and be in the outdoors. Its always great to talk to people that have lived so close to the river all their life and have them make statements like “I never realized how nice this is and it’s in my back yard.”

A close second is the Chevy Commons project and then there’s the Riverfront Restoration Project, this is going to be a game changer for the community! Come to think of it, I can’t narrow it down, they are all me favorite.

What would you like people to know about the FRCA?

It didn’t take me long after joining to realize the people involved with the FRCA are such passionate people that genuinely care and love this river and this city. With that being said the projects that are in the works are amazing.

Share a memory of the Flint River or tell us what is your favorite part about the river.

Having to pick one memory out would be tough, so I will talk about a couple of them.  One that comes to mind is the first time I was in the river near Mott Park and I saw an Eagle flying above me in my kayak. I was absolutely amazed. Here we were a stone’s throw from downtown and we are seeing an eagle, and a short time later we spotted a deer on the bank.

Another instance is something that happens quite often for me and that is simply sitting on a bench or leaning over the railing and just watching and listening to the river. It just doesn’t get any better than that experience.


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