Flint River Flotilla 2020: The Virtual Adventure!

The 2020 Flint River Flotilla is going VIRTUAL! (1980s virtual, that is). To ensure safety, this will not be our normal giant party, but you can make it your own by choosing your own location, time, and friends! Submit photos or video of your float to win rad prizes. And yes, you’ll still get your Flotilla sticker. 🤩

Dates: Saturday, August 1st – Sunday, August 16th, 2020 – On your own time!

Registration: Virtual at  https://corridoralliance.ticketspice.com/flint-river-flotilla-2020

Launch: Anywhere in the Flint River Watershed! Please wear your life jacket!

Registration includes: 

* Use of launch at Tenacity Brewing, 119 N. Grand Traverse, Flint, MI 48503, anytime during the Flotilla 2020 dates from 8am-8pm. No transportation is provided.
* Coveted Flint River Flotilla 2020 sticker!
* Entry to win awesome Flotilla prizes (with submission of a picture or video of your float)

The Flint River Flotilla returns in a modified format for its 6th year between August 1st and August 16th, 2020. The Corridor Alliance Chapter of the Flint River Watershed Coalition, in cooperation with Tenacity Brewing, is hosting a “virtual” float this year to ensure safety for participants and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Registration is $10 and includes access to the Tenacity Brewing kayak launch, as well as the coveted 2020 Flotilla sticker, and a chance to win great prizes!

2020 Theme: “The Virtual Adventure”

The 2020 Flint River Flotilla celebrates “the virtual adventure” with a 1980s virtual character theme. You are encouraged to channel your favorite virtual characters from the 80s for costume and boat decoration ideas. Submit photos or videos of your float to the 2020 Flotilla facebook event (or email to sscheitler@flintriver.org) to be entered to win exciting prizes, and awards for the best costume and boat decoration.


“The Flint River Flotilla has amazing die-hard fans. We knew we wanted to offer something for you during this year of cancellations,” said Sarah Scheitler, Corridor Alliance Manager. “Kayaking and outdoor recreation is healthy and encouraged during this pandemic, but large groups are risky, so we decided on a modified Flotilla experience to offer the best of both worlds through an on-your-own themed float.”

The Flint River Flotilla is an annual fundraiser for the Corridor Alliance and its projects around the river system in the city of Flint, such as building the Paddlers’ Landing at Mott Park Recreation Area. The Corridor Alliance was founded in 2007 to initiate, support, and sustain projects in Flint’s river corridor that revitalize the river as a community asset. The Corridor Alliance became a chapter of the Flint River Watershed Coalition in 2018.

More Info:

Anyone interested in participating can find more information by emailing Sarah Scheitler, Corridor Alliance Manager, at sscheitler@flintriver.org.

Flint River Flotilla How-To:

1. Purchase tickets & pre-order your Flotilla gear here through Sunday, August 16th, 2020.

2. Choose your float location, time, and vessel. Let someone on land know your float plan.

3. Decorate your boat, create a costume, and embark on your Flotilla adventure!! Be sure to bring your life jacket!

4. Post your photos or videos to the Flotilla 2020 Facebook page, or email them to sscheitler@flintriver.org to be entered to win Flotilla prizes, as well as awards for best costume and best boat decoration!

Preview of the 2020 Flint River Flotilla T-Shirt and Tank:

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