Who’s Who of the FRCA Board

Scott Kree

What organization do you represent on the FRCA board and what is your job there?22cc61a

I represent Rowe Professional Services Company where I work as a planner.

How long have you been a board member with the FRCA?  What prompted you to want to join the board?

I have been on the FRCA Board since January of 2016.  I was an unofficial proxy for 6 months prior to that for Jack Wheatley. I have a history of involvement with the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy since 2007 but as my life has changed and brought me to the Flint area, I have tried to focus on being active in this region.

What is your favorite program or project the FRCA has been involved with or is currently helping out with in Flint?

I am very excited about all the projects we have going on right now.  Most importantly the Flint Riverfront Restoration Project which will allow for the public to interact with the river in a way that has not been possible for half a century.  I am also excited about upcoming projects like the bike share program and the revitalization of Riverbank Park and that master plan.

What would you like people to know about the FRCA?

#itsnottheriver is what I would like people to know about the Flint River and this natural resource that the Flint River Corridor Alliance is bound to promote, protect, while representing and supporting the surrounding community.

Share a memory of the Flint River or tell us what is your favorite part about the river.

While I am not a native of the area (I grew up 30 minutes south of here), my memories are more recent.  This summer while taking my lunchtime walk along the river and through Riverbank Park, I could not help but to notice how interested people were in what was going on.  It was a couple weeks after the Flotilla and people were still talking about it.  Others were talking about what was going to happen in Riverbank Park and still others were interested in when the Hamilton Dam was going to be demolished.  This was on a random Tuesday afternoon and it seemed like every little faction of citizens or students I came across were talking about the river.  It was great to hear and see and I hope that we can keep those people interested, engaged, and pleased with our efforts at the Flint River Corridor Alliance.

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